Torroncini Gusti Misti

Torroncini Gusti Misti

Our bag of mixed flavour torroncini is a great way to share Sardinia's famed nougat confectionery with family and friends. If you've never tasted the authentic flavour of torrone made in the famous village of Tonara, you're in for a delectable treat. The nougat is crafted from egg whites, honey and sugar in the traditional way. 

Our torroncini selection includes walnut, hazelnut and almond varieties. They're all so delicious it's impossible to decide on a favourite. Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas in Italy without torrone, and our torroncini make any time of year special. 

Serve them to your guests or family at the end of a celebratory meal, perhaps with a little glass of our Vigne Deriu Oro Ere dessert wine. The aromatic Moscato grapes that are used to create this wine are semi-dried on the vine to impart a full, rounded flavour. 

It's especially lovely with almond torroncini. In fact, a bag of torroncini adds a festive air to any social occasion.

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