Sardinian rustic prosciutto

Sardinian rustic prosciutto

Prosciutto Sardo Pepato is one of Sardinia’s highest quality meats. This artisan product takes up to a year to create, using traditional methods and a vast amount of devotion from our producers. This cured ham has been allowed to age in ideal conditions, giving it a sweet taste and delicious aroma with a sprinkling of pepper to add that little kick of spiciness.

This delicatessen product makes any meal memorable, whether it’s lunch with friends or part of an antipasto selection in the evening. Follow it with a main course made with our artichoke hearts and Pane Guttiau and finish up with a plate of Torroncini for a true Sardinian celebration! And why not try making a special toastie with our Prosciutto Sardo Pepato? Pop some thin slices of the peppered ham on your favourite bread, add a few slivers of our Sardinian goat’s or sheep’s cheese, grill lightly, and finish with a dollop of one of our tasty spreads! A glass from one of our light fresh wines such as ‘Palmi’ will make this snack an extra special treat!

Historically our farmers and shepherds would eat this delicious ham on Pane Carasau, the thin, crunchy crispbread native to Sardinia, when taking a rest from their labours. The ham is still produced in the same way as it was centuries ago- from pasture-raised pigs that are allowed to roam freely, giving them access to natural grass, roots and nuts. However the big secret behind this exceptionally high quality ham is in the air of Sardinia itself. The island’s maritime climate is simply ideal for air-curing meat.

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Ingredients: Pork meat, salt, spices and flavourings, sucrose, dextrose, preservative: sodium nitrite, potassium nitrate, antioxidant: ascorbic acid.

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