Rustic Prosciutto with chilli

Rustic Prosciutto with chilli

For those who have already tried our peppered Sardinian cured hams and found them hard to beat, we proudly present to you our Prosciutto Sardo Al Peperoncino! This high quality prosciutto has been created with care and dedication by our island producers and infused with chilli. The delicate sweetness of this air-dried prosciutto combined with the chilli creates a succulent heat for the palate which we hope you will love as much as we do!

This spicy cured ham is highly versatile. Eat it with bread or our crispy Pane Guttiau, use it as part of an antipasto or buffet selection, add it to your toasty for an extra kick, or scatter it across a pizza for a superb topping.

Our producers only use meat from highly nutritionally nurtured pigs raised in free-range environments. Sardinia’s beautiful pastures are abundant in grasses and herbs and it’s forests provide nuts and roots from which the pigs can forage naturally.

After preparing each whole leg of ham with ground chilli and other seasonings, it takes up to a year for this Sardinian delicacy to mature. But it’s well worth the wait! We feel this deeply special delicatessen meat exceptionally showcases the skillmanship and patience of our Sardinian farmers and growers. Enjoy!

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