Rustic prosciutto with black pepper

Rustic prosciutto with black pepper

For a true taste from the countrysides of Sardinia, try our Prosciutto Sardo Rustico Pepato.
The term ‘Rustico’ means the ham is not refined- in other words the meat’s fat and skin is left on throughout its long artisanal curing process, causing it to taste both full and sweet.
The pepper’s spiciness brings out a zestiness in this flavoursome, fat streaked meat which contrasts beautifully with it’s natural sweetness. 

When you take a mouthful of our delicious prosciutto on crunchy Pane Carasau, you’re experiencing food as our farmers and shepherds did. Food that’s prepared with care, skill and the most natural of ingredients. This gorgeous countryside cured ham is the perfect go to for a picnic, summer lunch with friends, or toasted sandwich topped with our delicious Sardinian cheese. There’s nothing quite like the open air to help bring out the flavours of our mouth-watering organic food- perhaps because the great outdoors played such an important part in the creation of our delectable cuisines!

Our meat comes from highly nurtured pigs that are allowed to graze freely on grasses, herbs, and kernels to ensure they have the best, highly nutritional diets. The whole leg of ham is naturally air dried for up to a year in the wonderful sea air of Sardinia, and is diligently cared for by our incredibly committed island producers.

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