Mixed dried Beans - Legumi Misti

Mixed dried Beans - Legumi Misti

Our dried mixed legumes and cereals is a must-have for your store cupboard. Containing a rich assortment of green and yellow peas, red lentils, black-eyed beans, red beans, pearl barley and pearl spelt, it’s a sensational way to get the benefits of pulses and cereals in one flavourful combination.

This long-life product is very versatile. It provides the basis for rich soups and stews in winter, making it easy to produce plenty of tasty dishes. Simply soak the mixture in water overnight, simmer until the pulses are soft, then use the cooked mixture with your favourite ingredients. The cooked pulses can be liquidised and used to either pan-cook or bake in the oven with previously cooked ingredients such as chicken or sausage. They go well with mushrooms, too.

If using the cooked pulses whole, they make a substantial base for delicious and filling vegetable soups, especially with sliced fresh carrots and some chopped greens. This soup can be thickened further for winter use or left as a fairly thin and clear soup for summer meals.

Pulses of different kinds have been used for centuries by societies across the world. They’re such a tasty way to ensure important protein, vitamins and minerals in the diet!

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