Pork and wild boar brawn

Pork and wild boar brawn

Our tasty Sardinian Testa in Cassetta is one of the island’s finest meat treats. It’s popular in several other regions of Italy, including Piedmont and Umbria.
The name may be new to you, but if you are a lover of brawn, we can guarantee you will delight in this savoury meat.
Enjoy it for lunch, a snack, or whenever hunger strikes! Made entirely from the finest quality pig’s and wild boar offal, Testa in Cassetta is produced from animals raised naturally in the pastures and woods of Sardinia.

In order to fully bring out the flavour, meat from the head and tongue is cooked in saltwater with a selection of our favourite herbs and spices. Once this process has been completed, the meat is pressed into shape. It’s utterly scrumptious.
This tender meat can be cut into slices and eaten on its own or cut into chunks for the preparation of delicious stews.
It’s lovely in sandwiches or with a salad for lunch. We recommend it served with Pane Guttiau and our orange chutney with chilli.

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