Pane Carasau

Pane Carasau

Your first taste of pane carasau, the authentic light, crispy flatbread of Sardinia, puts you in touch with a tradition that reaches back through time. Archaeological evidence suggests that bread of carasau type was being eaten 3,000 years ago on Sardinia. Historically, this long-lasting wheat bran bread was carried by shepherds as they attended their flocks. 

It takes great skill to create pane carasau at home and the task is shared with friends and family. It's a fascinating process to watch, as the wafer thin sheets puff up into cushions which are expertly split into two round disks which then enter the oven for a second time to be toasted. It's so thin that it's also called "carta musica", sheet music bread. 

Our pane carasau grosso is a little thicker than the regular type. Eat it with one of our Sardinian cheeses - pecorino with fiery chilli for instance. Toasted or plain, it's delicious both ways. It's superb with cold meat such as our wild boar prosciutto too, or just a drizzle of our premium Italian olive oil.

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