Organic Tuna Sauce - Sugo al tonno Bio

Organic Tuna Sauce - Sugo al tonno Bio

Think of Sardinia and you think of tuna; tuna is an essential part of the island's cuisine. Fresh tuna has a very limited season and every part of the fish is utilised. Sardinians value tuna highly and have long-standing traditions of conserving it in many different ways for winter. One of those ways is, of course, in delicious sauces that include other tasty regional ingredients. 

Our hand-prepared sauce is made from fresh tuna, plus 100% natural and organic ingredients with no preservatives, so it’s as tasty as a meal freshly prepared in your own kitchen. The organically grown capers, hot pepper and basil give the tomato sauce an extra relish. 

This tasty, rather special sauce would go beautifully with one of our attractive pastas such as taccone. If you really want to spice it up, try it with our chilli flavoured spaghetti! As a contrast and a complement, you might like to accompany the meal with our truly refreshing Palmi' Vermentino Frizzante, a lovely smooth wine which goes so beautifully with every course of a meal.

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Ingredients: Organic tomato, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic capers, yellowfin tuna (fish), bluefin tuna (fish) 4.9%, organic onions, organic garlic, salt, organic hot pepper, organic basil.

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