Organic Mayonnaise

Organic Mayonnaise

Rich and creamy, our 100% organic mayonnaise elevates sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil, eggs and totally natural flavourings into a scrumptious and distinctly moreish condiment. Use on salads and vegetables, naturally, but this mayonnaise has so much more to offer. It's delicious on toasted cheese sandwiches. 

Use regular bread and one of our selection of Sardinian cheeses, or better still, toast some cheese on our pane carasau and then add the mayo. There's more. How about grilled or smoked swordfish and mayonnaise? Why yes - and baked and steamed fish too. Mayonnaise works well added to quiches, as well, especially if you include some of our sweet, slightly smoky speck ham in the quiche. 

Mayonnaise is the quintessential dip of course, for crunchy vegetables, salads and breadsticks. We'd recommend always putting out a bowl when you're preparing antipasti for friends and family. Hard boiled eggs cut in half with strips of smoked pork belly and a dash of mayonnaise make a lovely light meal or party food.

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