Organic legume soup

Organic legume soup

During Roman times, soups were mainly vegetarian by necessity, but centuries of working the same recipe has resulted in tasty and hearty soups like our Legume Soup.

At Isola Buona we believe in keeping the blueprints of our ancient food heritage. Ingredients like chickpeas, cannellini beans and lentils have been a traditional root of sustenance for many years. You may begin to notice Italians have a thing for beans and pulses in their recipes, and there’s a good reason why … easy to grow and even easier to cook, these amazing ingredients are often fat free and packed with protein.

Simple fresh vegetables, pulses, oil and seasoning is all that goes into this soup making it vegan friendly and also organic. With no added preservatives this soup is heat treated and ready to be cupboard stored ready for the day when you’re looking for a heart warming lunch or dinner. Similar to a minestrone soup this convenient meal is the perfect winter option and great for dipping bread in. 

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