Organic chickpeas and black cabbage

Organic chickpeas and black cabbage

Vegan friendly ready meals have never been made so easy. Wholesome and hearty is the best way to describe our organic chickpea and cavolo nero soup. The stability of this product is guaranteed as it is preserved using only a heat treatment so the integrity of the ingredients is not compromised with additional preservatives.

You won’t need to worry about losing space in your fridge either, this gorgeous combination of natural ingredients can be stored in the cupboard and just a quick heat will have it ready in minutes. This soup is the perfect lunch without the preparation time and with refreshing zesty flavours, it’s ideal for all year round. 

Cavolo nero “black cabbage” is a popular staple in italian cuisine. Despite its name it’s actually known as a kale as it is non-hearting. The long dark leaves are a similar texture to a savoy cabbage but added to a dish, you can taste the distinctive rustic Italian flavour.

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