Melon Cream Liqueur

While we love our traditions in Sardinia, we’re also great admirers of innovative products that we know people will appreciate. Take fruit liqueurs for instance; knowing how much our visitors enjoy the zesty taste of limoncello, we have a hunch that our Melon Cream Liqueur will go down a treat too!

It has the flavour of a fresh, sweet, juicy melon, plus a silky smooth consistency. This liqueur is particularly delicious savoured after dinner in the evenings. Its luscious, glowing colour will add a celebratory touch to any gathering and make your friends and family thirsty for more!

Serve it chilled in cold glasses, or as a digestivo at the end of a meal. Our Melon Cream Liqueur originated in Sorrento, before being taken up in Sardinia as one of our favourite crema fruit liquors.

Although it may not have the same exceeding reputation as that of our beloved Mirto, we still think it's an excellent all year round treat. It’s also wonderful for mixing in cocktails to make them extra creamy and succulent.

Our Melon Cream Liqueur is 17% ABV.

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