Filu e Ferru

Filu e Ferru

Our Sardinian Grappa, the island’s very own version of the fiery Italian spirit, is steeped in history. Sardinia has as fascinating a tale to tell as that of American moonshiners or illicit whisky producers in the Scottish Highlands.

Many years ago, when parts of the island were home to banditti, it was not unusual for families to have their own secret stills for producing Sardinian Grappa that really packed a punch! The spirit was distilled primarily from grape skins left over from winemaking. It was known locally as “filu e’ ferru”, or “iron wire”.
This name came from how the illegal drink was hidden from the prying eyes of the law- by burying all evidence and marking the spot with a twist of wire pushed into the ground. This made it easy to find the spirit and equipment again. It was also known as “Abbardente”, or Firewater.

Today, we are very proud to offer our 40% proof “filu e’ ferru” as an authentic product of Sardinia.

Made from famed Sardinian grape varieties, this spirit has been allowed to mature over a long period of time hence its wonderfully rich yellow colour.

Enjoy it in cocktails or with a coffee at the end of a meal.

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Ingredients: Hazelnut, honey, cocoa

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