Dried chickpeas - Ceci Secchi

Dried chickpeas - Ceci Secchi

Dried Chickpeas

Dried chickpeas are a store cupboard essential! They’re low in calories, vitamin-packed and
filled with necessary proteins and fibres. Best of all, they’re quick and easy to prepare. The important thing to remember, is that they must be soaked before use, which makes them swell to three times their original size! The easiest way to prepare chickpeas is to soak them overnight. Simply put your desired amount into a bowl and submerge them with water without adding salt. The next day, simmer them in water for approximately two hours before using them in your recipe.

Chickpeas are a staple of vegan and vegetarian diets, but also go well in meat dishes- particularly white meats. They are delicious in all kinds of sauces, especially with chicken in our Cherry Plum Tomato Sauce.

Chickpeas are the main ingredient of hummus, which is very easy to make at home. Home-made hummus on Pane Guttiau with a squeeze of lemon –delicious! You can also add chickpeas to soups, stews, and refrigerate or freeze them once cooked- they’re very versatile!

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