Organic Creste di Gallo

Organic Creste di Gallo

Our organic creste di gallo is made with the finest durum wheat. It’s known as creste di gallo because the shape is like a cockerel’s crest.


We recommend using it with soups and stews or indeed to make pasta with our organic borlotti beans:

Sauté’ some cubed onion, carrots and celery with our extra virgin olive oil. Add the organic borlotti beans without the water and let it cook for few minutes. Add a leave of sage and 2 table spoons of our cherry plum tomatoes, then add some broth, covering the beans by two fingers. Let it cook for about 15-20 minutes. Take out a scoop of beans and blend it and add it back to the pan. Wait a couple of minutes to boil then add the creste di gallo. Cook for about 10 min

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