Balsamic Vinegar Dressing

Balsamic Vinegar Dressing

The best balsamic vinegars are made in Reggio-Emilia in the traditional way, as they have been for centuries.

Our balsamic vinegar dressing comes from Modena in Reggio-Emilia and has been made by one of the city's longest established producers, the Giusti family, since 1605. The sundried grapes used in its creation add a sweet, plummy taste to the cask-aged vinegar. 

Rated at three gold medals, this gran deposito balsamic vinegar is delicious with both sweet and savoury products. Add some to our arborio rice for a full-flavoured risotto, or drizzle a little over some organic mature pecorino cheese. Alternatively, try it with fresh fruit such as strawberries. 

The beauty of balsamic vinegar dressing is that it has so many uses. In Italy, it's a cupboard staple like olive oil and it's not unusual for cooks to have more than one type in the larder. 

Attractively presented in a matching red and gold box, our balsamic vinegar would also make the perfect gift for anyone in your life who appreciates good food. 

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