Baby Artichokes with tuna roe - Carciofini con Bottarga

Baby Artichokes with tuna roe - Carciofini con Bottarga

If you enjoy the unique taste of artichokes and the rich flavour of tuna, you'll love our baby artichokes with tuna roe. The intense taste of the bottarga di tonno (tuna roe) provides the perfect complement to the tender baby artichokes. 

Picked from the underside of the plant where they always stay shaded, succulent baby artichokes are a spring delicacy that you can enjoy all year round in this traditional antipasto, hand-prepared in Sardinia. The specially dried, salted and pressed bottarga is a highly prized ingredient in traditional Sardinian cooking. 

Its flavour has been compared to caviar. Served with Sardinian music bread and a glass of Vermentino White Wine Lughe, this 100% natural, totally preservative-free antipasto makes a light lunch into a special occasion. Pop some on some celery or eat with crostini for crunchy taste sensations. 

Served with a selection of Italian antipasti such as olives, capers and flatbread, baby artichokes with cod roe will be a scrumptious starter that your guests will savour.

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