About our products

The reason that our products are bursting with flavour and rich in vitamins is due to the methods we use, proudly following the same ancient traditional way, as our forefathers' did generations ago.

We are blessed to have the sunny weather too; it enriches our soil with natural enzymes which helps us to grow a fantastic quality of produce, which also supplies northern Italy with most of its cooking ingredients.

From the leanest succulent most flavoursome nutritious cured meats to the most delicious naturally sweetened confectionaries on the planet - we have it all!

We are famous for our healthier choice of cheeses and offer you an extensive range of sheep and goat varieties that are extremely tasty, versatile to use, and beneficial to the human digestive system. For blue cheese lovers, you simply must try our Erborinato Sardo, paradise for the palette; it's made with sheep's milk and mouth-wateringly wonderful!

This is true of our wide range of omega rich, speciality fish products, such as Bottarga, fillets of yellow fin tuna and our succulent swordfish. Oily fish should be eaten several times a week; we're not here to preach to you but to offer you some super tasty new fish varieties to broaden your meal ideas.
Our Bottarga, a Sardinian speciality, is extremely nutritious and very easy to cook with. 

We hope you feel inspired to try some Sardinian and other Italian regional foods and wines - you'll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly and easily you too can create delicious meals for your family and friends.

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