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Pictures of Sardinia
Shoot from Sardinia: our sea
A North Sardinian beach
Shoot from Sardinia
Sardinian countryside
Shoot from Sardinia
Prickly pears

L’Isola Buona brings you those good Mediterranean flavours.

Welcome to L’Isola Buona an Italian family business with a passion for the wonderful Italian delicacies produced on the beautiful island of Sardinia.

Thousands of years of farming tradition from Italy’s unspoilt island paradise brings you textures and flavours that are unique to the Sardinian culture. Using only the most natural ingredients and authentic methods of production, we bring to you some of the most delicious foods you have ever experienced.

We strive to source the finest quality produce our island has to offer and bring these specially to our growing list of Quality British Hotels, Restaurants and Delicatessens. The products we supply, combined with the highly efficient, flexible and friendly service is unrivalled. We are confident that our distinctive brand is truly set apart from any other specialty brand in the current marketplace.

We are also happy to suggest unusual local recipes that help to make the most of the extraordinary products we supply and that will allow your clients, or guests, dining experiences to be as authentic and original as possible.